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Gyan Bhanot, PhD

Publications since 2011

Zhang, C. Liu, J. Zhao, Y. Yue, X. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Wu, H. Blanco, F. Li, S. Bhanot, G. Haffty, B. G. Hu, W. Feng, Z. Glutaminase 2 is a novel negative regulator of small GTPase Rac1 and mediates p53 function in suppressing metastasis. Elife, In process, . (PMID: 26751560)

Yadav, A. Radhakrishnan, A. Bhanot, G. Sinha, H. Differential Regulation of Antagonistic Pleiotropy in Synthetic and Natural Populations Suggests Its Role in Adaptation. G3 (Bethesda), In process, . (PMID: 25711830)

Bjorklund, S. S. Kristensen, V. N. Seiler, M. Kumar, S. Alnaes, G. I. Ming, Y. Kerrigan, J. Naume, B. Sachidanandam, R. Bhanot, G. Borresen-Dale, A. L. Ganesan, S. Expression of an estrogen-regulated variant transcript of the peroxisomal branched chain fatty acid oxidase ACOX2 in breast carcinomas. BMC Cancer, 15:524, . (PMID: 26183823, PMCID: PMC4504068)

Pimenta, E. M. De, S. Weiss, R. Feng, D. Hall, K. Kilic, S. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Ran, S. Barnes, B. J. IRF5 is a novel regulator of CXCL13 expression in breast cancer that regulates CXCR5 B- and T-cell trafficking to tumor-conditioned media. Immunol Cell Biol, In process, . (PMID: 25533286)

Davis, C. F. Ricketts, C. J. Wang, M. Yang, L. Cherniack, A. D. Shen, H. Buhay, C. Kang, H. Kim, S. C. Fahey, C. C. Hacker, K. E. Bhanot, G. Gordenin, D. A. Chu, A. Gunaratne, P. H. Biehl, M. Seth, S. Kaipparettu, B. A. Bristow, C. A. Donehower, L. A. Wallen, E. M. Smith, A. B. Tickoo, S. K. Tamboli, P. Reuter, V. Schmidt, L. S. Hsieh, J. J. Choueiri, T. K. Hakimi, A. A. Chin, L. Meyerson, M. Kucherlapati, R. Park, W. Y. Robertson, A. G. Laird, P. W. Henske, E. P. Kwiatkowski, D. J. Park, P. J. Morgan, M. Shuch, B. Muzny, D. Wheeler, D. A. Linehan, W. M. Gibbs, R. A. Rathmell, W. K. Creighton, C. J. The Somatic Genomic Landscape of Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma. Cancer Cell, 26:319-330, . (PMID: 25155756, PMCID: PMC4160352)

Hormoz, S. Bhanot, G. Biehl, M. Bilal, E. Meyer, P. Norel, R. Rhrissorrakrai, K. Dayarian, A. Inter-species Inference of Gene Set Enrichment in Lung Epithelial Cells from Proteomic and Large Transcriptomic Data Sets. Bioinformatics, In process, . (PMID: 25152231)

Dayarian, A. Romero, R. Wang, Z. Biehl, M. Bilal, E. Hormoz, S. Meyer, P. Norel, R. Rhrissorrakrai, K. Bhanot, G. Luo, F. Tarca, A. L. Predicting protein phosphorylation from gene expression: Top methods from the IMPROVER Species Translation Challenge. Bioinformatics, In process, . (PMID: 25061067)

Biehl, M. Sadowski, P. Bhanot, G. Bilal, E. Dayarian, A. Meyer, P. Norel, R. Rhrissorrakrai, K. Zeller, M. D. Hormoz, S. Inter-species prediction of protein phosphorylation in the sbv IMPROVER species translation challenge. Bioinformatics, In process, . (PMID: 24994890)

Bhatia, A. Yadav, A. Gagneur, J. Zhu, C. Steinmetz, L. M. Bhanot, G. Sinha, H. Yeast Growth Plasticity Is Regulated by Environment Specific Multi-QTL Interactions. G3 (Bethesda), 4:769-777, . (PMID: 24474169, PMCID: PMC4025475)

Lozy, F. Cai-McRae, X. Teplova, I. Price, S. Reddy, A. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Vazquez, A. Karantza, V. ERBB2 overexpression suppresses stress-induced autophagy and renders ERBB2-induced mammary tumorigenesis independent of monoallelic loss. Autophagy, 10:662-676, . (PMID: 24492513, PMCID: PMC4091153)

Wagh, K. Bhatia, A. Greenbaum, B. D. Bhanot, G. Bird to Human Transmission Biases and Vaccine Escape Mutants in H5N1 Infections. PLoS One, 9:e100754, . (PMID: 24988306, PMCID: PMC4079711)

Tomar, P. Bhatia, A. Ramdas, S. Diao, L. Bhanot, G. Sinha, H. Sporulation genes associated with sporulation efficiency in natural isolates of yeast. PLoS One, 8:e69765, . (PMID: 23874994, PMCID: PMC3714247)

Joshi, H. Bhanot, G. Borresen-Dale, A. L. Kristensen, V. Potential tumorigenic programs associated with TP53 mutation status reveal role of VEGF pathway. Br J Cancer, 107:1722-1728, . (PMID: 23079576, PMCID: PMC3493873)

Toth, M. L. Melentijevic, I. Shah, L. Bhatia, A. Lu, K. Talwar, A. Naji, H. Ibanez-Ventoso, C. Ghose, P. Jevince, A. Xue, J. Herndon, L. A. Bhanot, G. Rongo, C. Hall, D. H. Driscoll, M. Neurite Sprouting and Synapse Deterioration in the Aging Caenorhabditis elegans Nervous System. J Neurosci, 32:8778-8790, . (PMID: 22745480, PMCID: PMC3427745)

Bilal, E. Vassallo, K. Toppmeyer, D. Barnard, N. Rye, I. H. Almendro, V. Russnes, H. Borresen-Dale, A. L. Levine, A. J. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Amplified Loci on Chromosomes 8 and 17 Predict Early Relapse in ER-Positive Breast Cancers. PLoS One, 7:e38575, . (PMID: 22719901, PMCID: PMC3374812)

Powell, A. A. Talasaz, A. H. Zhang, H. Coram, M. A. Reddy, A. Deng, G. Telli, M. L. Advani, R. H. Carlson, R. W. Mollick, J. A. Sheth, S. Kurian, A. W. Ford, J. M. Stockdale, F. E. Quake, S. R. Pease, R. F. Mindrinos, M. N. Bhanot, G. Dairkee, S. H. Davis, R. W. Jeffrey, S. S. Single cell profiling of circulating tumor cells: transcriptional heterogeneity and diversity from breast cancer cell lines. PLoS One, 7:e33788, . (PMID: 22586443, PMCID: PMC3346739)

Pathak, S. Rege, M. Gogtay, N. J. Aigal, U. Sharma, S. K. Valecha, N. Bhanot, G. Kshirsagar, N. A. Sharma, S. Age-dependent sex bias in clinical malarial disease in hypoendemic regions. PLoS One, 7:e35592, . (PMID: 22558172, PMCID: PMC3338423)

Miles, G. D. Seiler, M. Rodriguez, L. Rajagopal, G. Bhanot, G. Identifying microRNA/mRNA dysregulations in ovarian cancer. BMC Res Notes, 5:164, . (PMID: 22452920, PMCID: PMC3342161)

Vermeer, P. D. Bell, M. Lee, K. Vermeer, D. W. Wieking, B. G. Bilal, E. Bhanot, G. Drapkin, R. I. Ganesan, S. Klingelhutz, A. J. Hendriks, W. J. Lee, J. H. ErbB2, EphrinB1, Src kinase and PTPN13 signaling complex regulates MAP kinase signaling in human cancers. PLoS One, 7:e30447, . (PMID: 22279592, PMCID: PMC3261204)

Wagh, K. Bhatia, A. Alexe, G. Reddy, A. Ravikumar, V. Seiler, M. Boemo, M. Yao, M. Cronk, L. Naqvi, A. Ganesan, S. Levine, A. J. Bhanot, G. Lactase persistence and lipid pathway selection in the maasai. PLoS One, 7:e44751, . (PMID: 23028602, PMCID: PMC3461017)

Norton, K. A. Namazi, S. Barnard, N. Fujibayashi, M. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Iyatomi, H. Ogawa, K. Shinbrot, T. Automated reconstruction algorithm for identification of 3D architectures of cribriform ductal carcinoma in situ. PLoS One, 7:e44011, . (PMID: 22970156, PMCID: PMC3435324)