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Celine Gelinas, PhD

Publications since 2011

Medina, D. J. Goodell, L. Glod, J. Gelinas, C. Rabson, A. B. Strair, R. K. Mesenchymal stromal cells protect mantle cell lymphoma cells from spontaneous and drug-induced apoptosis through secretion of B-cell activating factor and activation of the canonical and non-canonical nuclear factor kappaB pathways. Haematologica, 97:1255-1263, . (PMID: 22371181, PMCID: PMC3409825)

Guo, J. Y. Chen, H. Y. Mathew, R. Fan, J. Strohecker, A. M. Karsli-Uzunbas, G. Kamphorst, J. J. Chen, G. Lemons, J. M. Karantza, V. Coller, H. A. Dipaola, R. S. Gelinas, C. Rabinowitz, J. D. White, E. Activated Ras requires autophagy to maintain oxidative metabolism and tumorigenesis. Genes Dev, 25:460-470, . (PMID: 21317241, PMCID: PMC3049287)