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Ian P. Whitehead, PhD

Publications since 2011

Fitzpatrick, E. R. Hu, T. Ciccarelli, B. T. Whitehead, I. P. Regulation of vesicle transport and cell motility by Golgi-localized Dbs. Small GTPases, In process, . (PMID: 24810154)

Chen, R. Hu, T. Mahon, G. M. Tala, I. Pannucci, N. L. Ozer, H. L. Whitehead, I. P. Ubiquitin-mediated interaction of p210 BCR/ABL with beta-catenin supports disease progression in a murine model for chronic myelogenous leukemia. Blood, 122:2114-2124, . (PMID: 23950177, PMCID: PMC3778552)

Tala, I. Chen, R. Hu, T. Fitzpatrick, E. R. Williams, D. A. Whitehead, I. P. Contributions of the RhoGEF activity of p210 BCR/ABL to disease progression. Leukemia, 27:1080-1089, . (PMID: 23207522)

Pannucci, N. L. Li, D. Sahay, S. Thomas, E. K. Chen, R. Tala, I. Hu, T. Ciccarelli, B. T. Megjugorac, N. J. Adams Iii, H. C. Rodriguez, P. L. Fitzpatrick, E. R. Lagunoff, D. Williams, D. A. Whitehead, I. P. Loss of the xeroderma pigmentosum group B protein binding site impairs p210 BCR/ABL1 leukemogenic activity. Blood Cancer J, 3:e135, . (PMID: 23955590, PMCID: PMC3763389)