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Kenneth D. Irvine, PhD

Publications since 2011

Park, G. S. Oh, H. Kim, M. Kim, T. Johnson, R. L. Irvine, K. D. Lim, D. S. An evolutionarily conserved negative feedback mechanism in the Hippo pathway reflects functional difference between LATS1 and LATS2. Oncotarget, In process, . (PMID: 27006470)

Mao, Y. Kuta, A. Crespo-Enriquez, I. Whiting, D. Martin, T. Mulvaney, J. Irvine, K. D. Francis-West, P. Dchs1-Fat4 regulation of polarized cell behaviours during skeletal morphogenesis. Nat Commun, 7:11469, . (PMID: 27145737)

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Mao, Y. Francis-West, P. Irvine, K. D. A Fat4-Dchs1 signal between stromal and cap mesenchyme cells influences nephrogenesis and ureteric bud branching. Development, In process, . (PMID: 26116666)

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Oh, H. Slattery, M. Ma, L. White, K. P. Mann, R. S. Irvine, K. D. Yorkie Promotes Transcription by Recruiting a Histone Methyltransferase Complex. Cell Rep, 8:449-459, . (PMID: 25017066, PMCID: PMC4152371)

Zakaria, S. Mao, Y. Kuta, A. Ferreira de Sousa, C. Gaufo, G. O. McNeill, H. Hindges, R. Guthrie, S. Irvine, K. D. Francis-West, P. H. Regulation of Neuronal Migration by Dchs1-Fat4 Planar Cell Polarity. Curr Biol, 24:1620-1627, . (PMID: 24998526, PMCID: PMC4193925)

Rauskolb, C. Sun, S. Sun, G. Pan, Y. Irvine, K. D. Cytoskeletal Tension Inhibits Hippo Signaling through an Ajuba-Warts Complex. Cell, 158:143-156, . (PMID: 24995985, PMCID: PMC4082802)

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Oh, H. Slattery, M. Ma, L. Crofts, A. White, K. P. Mann, R. S. Irvine, K. D. Genome-wide association of Yorkie with chromatin and chromatin-remodeling complexes. Cell Rep, 3:309-318, . (PMID: 23395637, PMCID: PMC3633442)

Pan, G. Feng, Y. Ambegaonkar, A. A. Sun, G. Huff, M. Rauskolb, C. Irvine, K. D. Signal transduction by the Fat cytoplasmic domain. Development, 140:831-842, . (PMID: 23318637, PMCID: PMC3557778)

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Ishikawa, H. O. Xu, A. Ogura, E. Manning, G. Irvine, K. D. The Raine Syndrome Protein FAM20C Is a Golgi Kinase That Phosphorylates Bio-Mineralization Proteins. PLoS One, 7:e42988, . (PMID: 22900076, PMCID: PMC3416761)

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Mao, Y. Mulvaney, J. Zakaria, S. Yu, T. Morgan, K. M. Allen, S. Basson, M. A. Francis-West, P. Irvine, K. D. Characterization of a Dchs1 mutant mouse reveals requirements for Dchs1-Fat4 signaling during mammalian development. Development, 138:947-957, . (PMID: 21303848, PMCID: PMC3035097)

Sun, G. Irvine, K. D. Regulation of Hippo signaling by Jun kinase signaling during compensatory cell proliferation and regeneration, and in neoplastic tumors. Dev Biol, 350:139-151, . (PMID: 21145886, PMCID: PMC3038240)

Oh, H. Irvine, K. D. Cooperative regulation of growth by Yorkie and Mad through bantam. Dev Cell, 20:109-122, . (PMID: 21238929, PMCID: PMC3033745)