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Eileen White, PhD

Publications since 2011

White, E. Mehnert, J. M. Chan, C. S. Autophagy, Metabolism, and Cancer. Clin Cancer Res, 21:5037-5046, . (PMID: 26567363, PMCID: PMC4646728)

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Mehnert, J. M. Xie, X. Koh, J. Y. Price, S. White, E. Atg7 overcomes senescence and promotes growth of BRAFV600E-driven melanoma. Cancer Discov, In process, . (PMID: 25673642)

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Liu, Z. Chen, P. Gao, H. Gu, Y. Yang, J. Peng, H. Xu, X. Wang, H. Yang, M. Liu, X. Fan, L. Chen, S. Zhou, J. Sun, Y. Ruan, K. Cheng, S. Komatsu, M. White, E. Li, L. Ji, H. Finley, D. Hu, R. Ubiquitylation of Autophagy Receptor Optineurin by HACE1 Activates Selective Autophagy for Tumor Suppression. Cancer Cell, 26:106-120, . (PMID: 25026213, PMCID: PMC4166492)

Strohecker, A. M. White, E. Targeting Mitochondrial Metabolism by Inhibiting Autophagy in BRAF-Driven Cancers. Cancer Discov, 4:766-772, . (PMID: 24860158, PMCID: PMC4090279)

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Lau, A. Zheng, Y. Tao, S. Wang, H. Whitman, S. A. White, E. Zhang, D. D. Arsenic inhibits autophagic flux, activating the Nrf2-Keap1 pathway in a p62-dependent manner. Mol Cell Biol, 33:2436-2446, . (PMID: 23589329, PMCID: PMC3700105)

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Fan, J. Kamphorst, J. J. Mathew, R. Chung, M. K. White, E. Shlomi, T. Rabinowitz, J. D. Glutamine-driven oxidative phosphorylation is a major ATP source in transformed mammalian cells in both normoxia and hypoxia. Mol Syst Biol, 9:712, . (PMID: 24301801, PMCID: PMC3882799)

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