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Michael B. Steinberg, MD, MPH, FACP

Publications since 2011

Steinberg, M. B. Zimmermann, M. H. Delnevo, C. D. Lewis, M. J. Shukla, P. Coups, E. J. Foulds, J. E-Cigarette Versus Nicotine Inhaler: Comparing the Perceptions and Experiences of Inhaled Nicotine Devices. J Gen Intern Med, 29:1444-1450, . (PMID: 24830741, PMCID: PMC4238186)

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Steinberg, M. B. Bover, M. T. Richardson, D. L. Schmelzer, A. C. Williams, J. M. Foulds, J. Abstinence and psychological distress in co-morbid smokers using various pharmacotherapies. Drug Alcohol Depend, 114:77-81, . (PMID: 20951511)

Delnevo, C. D. Steinberg, M. B. Hudson, S. V. Ulpe, R. Dipaola, R. S. Epidemiology of Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Use among South Asian Immigrants in the Northeastern United States. J Oncol, 2011:252675, . (PMID: 21772842, PMCID: PMC3136136)