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Patrick J. Sinko, PhD, RPh

Selected Publications

Su, Y.M., P.D. Hu, S.H. Lee, and P.J. Sinko, Using novobiocin as a specific inhibitor of breast cancer resistant protein to assess the role of transporter in the absorption and disposition of topotecan. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2007. 10(4): p. 519-536. (PMID 18261372)

Su, Y.M., X.P. Zhang, and P.J. Sinko, Exploitation of drug-induced Bcl-2 overexpression for restoring normal apoptosis function: A promising new approach to the treatment of multidrug resistant cancer. Cancer Letters, 2007. 253(1): p. 115-123

Vortherms, A.R., R.P. Doyle, D. Gao, O. Debrah, and P.J. Sinko, Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro assay of folic acid conjugates of 3 '-azido-3 '-deoxythymidine (AZT): Toward targeted AZT based anticancer therapeutics. Nucleosides Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids, 2008. 27(2): p. 173-185 (PMCID: PMC2729114).

Chao, P., M. Deshmukh, H.L. Kutscher, D.Y. Gao, S.S. Rajan, P. Hu, D.L. Laskin, S. Stein, and P.J. Sinko, Pulmonary targeting microparticulate camptothecin delivery system: anticancer evaluation in a rat orthotopic lung cancer model. Anti-Cancer Drugs, 2010. 21(1): p. 65-76. (PMID 19966540)

Deshmukh, M., P. Chao, H.L. Kutscher, D. Gao, P.J. Sinko, A series of α-Amino acid ester prodrugs of camptothecin: In vitro hydrolysis and A549 human lung carcinoma cell cytotoxicity. J. Med. Chem., 2010. 53(3): p. 1038-1047. (PMID 20063889)

Singh, Y., D. Gao, Z. Gu, S. Li, S. Stein, P. J. Sinko, Noninvasive Detection of Passively Targeted Poly(ethylene glycol) Nanocarriers in Tumors. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2011, 9(1): p.144-155. (PMCID: PMC3257802)

Singh, Y., D. Gao, Z. Gu, S. Li, K. A. Rivera, S. Stein, S. Love, P. J. Sinko. Influence of Molecular Size on the Retention of Polymeric Nanocarrier Diagnostic Agents in Breast Ducts. Pharmaceutical Research. 2012 DOI: 10.1007/s11095-012-0763-z. (PMID: 22569800)

Ibrahim, S., D. Gao, P. J. Sinko. Selective Cytotoxicity and Combined Effects of Camptothecin or Paclitaxel with Sodium-R-Alpha Lipoate on A549 Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells. Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal. Accepted September 2012