Researcher Publications

Evita T. Sadimin, MD

Selected Publications

  1. Farber N, Kim C, Modi P, Hon J, Sadimin E, Singer E. Renal cell carcinoma: The search for a reliable biomarker. Translational Cancer Research 2017:6(3):620-632.
  2. Foran D, Chen W, Chu H, Sadimin E, Loh D, Riedlinger G, Goodell L, Ganesan S, Hirshfield K, Rodriguez L, DiPaola R. Roadmap to a Comprehensive Clinical Data Warehouse for Precision Medicine Applications in Oncology. Cancer Informatics 2017:16:1-10.
  3. Meliti A, Sadimin E, Diolombi M, Khani F, Epstein J. Accuracy of Grading Gleason Score 7 Prostatic Adenocarcinoma on Needle Biopsy: Influence of Percent Pattern 4 and Other Histological Factors. Prostate 2017:77(6):681-685.
  4. Sadimin E, Khani F, Diolombi M, Meliti A, Epstein J. Interobserver Reproducibility of Percent Pattern 4 in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma on Prostate Biopsies. American Journal of Surgical Pathology 2016:40:1686-1692.
  5. Sadimin E, Epstein J. Round Cell Pattern of Prostatic Stromal Tumor of Uncertain Malignant Potential: A Subtle Newly Recognized Variant. Human Pathology 2016:52:68-73.
  6. Sadimin E, Ye H, Epstein J. Should the Involvement of Skeletal Muscle at the Prostate Apex by Prostatic Adenocarcinoma be Reported on Biopsies? Human Pathology 2016:49:10-14.
  7. Kim I, Modi P, Sadimin E, Ha Y, Kim J, Skarecky D, Cha D, Wambi C, Ou Y, Yuh B, Park S, Llukani E, Albala D, Wilson T, Ahlering T, Badani K, Ahn H, Lee D, May M, Kim W, Lee D. Detailed Analysis of Patients with Metastasis to the Prostatic Anterior Fat Pad Lymph Nodes: A Multi-Institutional Study. The Journal of Urology 2013:190(2):527-534.
  8. Sadimin E, Foran D. Pathology Imaging Informatics for Clinical Practice and Investigative and Translational Research. North American Journal of Medicine and Science 2012;5(2):103-109.

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