Researcher Publications

Bonnie M. Jerome-D'Emilia, PhD, MPH, RN

Selected Publications

  1. Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Kushary, D., Suplee, P. Rising Rates of Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy as a Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer. Cancer Nursing (in publication).
  2. Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Kushary, D., Burrell, S., Suplee, P., & Hansen, K. Breast Cancer Stage at Diagnosis in a New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection Site. Submitted to American Journal of Clinical Oncology (4/17).
  3. Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Suplee, P.D., & Burrell, S. (2016) Primary Care Expectations in an Underserved Population. Journal of Community and Public Health Nursing, 2: 145.doi:10.4172/2471-9846.1000145
  4. Jerome-D’Emilia, B & D’Emilia, J. (2016). Hypofractionated Whole Breast Irradiation for Early Stage Breast Cancer in a Large Community-based Physician Practice. Journal of Radiation Oncology, 5(4), 417–425.
  5. Suplee, P.D., Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Boiler, J.L.K. (2016) Women’s Educational Needs and Perceptions about Survivorship Following Bilateral Mastectomy. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 20(4), 411-418.
  6. Jerome-D'Emilia, B., Suplee, P. D., & D'Emilia, I. (2015). Why Women Are Choosing Bilateral Mastectomy. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 19(6), 764-768.
  7. Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Suplee, P.D. & Akincigil, A. (2015). Validation of the Spanish version of the Mammography Specific Self-Efficacy Scale. Oncology Nursing Forum; 42(3); E279-86
  8. Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Suplee, P. D., Boiler, J. L., & D’Emilia, J. C. (2015). A Woman’s Decision to Choose Bilateral Mastectomy. Cancer nursing, 38(6), 426-435.
  9. Suplee, P.D., Jerome-D’Emilia, B., & Burrell, S. (2015) Healthy Eating Challenges of Hispanic Women Living in an Urban Neighborhood. Healthcare International, 13(4).
  10. Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Suplee, P.D. (2015). Mammogram use and self-efficacy in an urban minority population. Public Health Nursing; 32(4); 287–297.
  11. Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Chittams, J. (2015). Validation of the cultural cancer screening scale for mammogram utilization in a sample of African American women. Cancer Nursing, 38 (2), 83-88.
  12. Jerome-D’Emilia, B. (2015). A systematic review of barriers and facilitators to mammography in Hispanic women. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 26(1), 73-82.
  13. Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Suplee, P.D. & Gardner, M. (2014) Understanding access to care and health needs of Hispanic women from an urban community. Journal of Hispanic Healthcare International, 12(2), 71-80.
  14. Abraham, J.M., Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Begun, J.W. (2013). The diffusion of magnet hospital recognition. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(10 SUPPL.), S19-S27.

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