Researcher Publications

Edmund C. Lattime, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Zhang Z, Monken CE, Zhang Y, Lenard J, Mizushima N, Lattime EC and Jin S. Cellular autophagy machinery is not required for vaccinia virus replication and maturation. Autophagy, 2(2):91-95, 2006.  PMID: 16874104
  2. Ge R, Rajeev V, Ray P, Lattime EC, Rittling S, Medicherla S, Protter A, Murphy A, Chakravarty J, Dugar S, Schreiner G, Barnard N and Reiss M.  Inhibition of growth and metastasis of mouse mammary carcinoma by selective inhibitor of transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor kinase in-vivo.  Clin Cancer Res, 12(14 Pt 1):4315-30, 2006.  PMID: 16857807
  3. Gabriel E and Lattime EC. Anti-CTL-associated antigen 4: are regulatory T cells a target? Clin Cancer Res, 13(3):785-88, 2007.  PMID: 17289867
  4. DiPaola RS and Lattime EC. Bacillus Calmette-Guerin mechanism of action: the role of immunity, apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy.  J Urol, 178(5):1840-41, 2007.  PMID: 17868741
  5. Nikitczuk KP, Lattime EC, Schloss RS and Yarmush ML. Analysis of dendritic cell stimulation utilizing a multi-faceted nanopolymer delivery system and the immune modulator 1-methyl tryptophan.  Nano Life, 1:1(3-4):239-250, 2010.  PMID: 24772192   PMCID:  PMC3998209
  6. Moloughney JG, Monken CE, Zhang H, Thomas JD, Lattime EC and Jin S.  Vaccinia virus leads to ATG12-ATG3 conjugation and deficiency in autophagosome formation. Autophagy, 7(12):1434-47, 2011.  PMID: 22024753   PMCID: PMC3327614
  7. Nikitczuk KP, Schloss RS, Yarmush ML and Lattime EC. PLGA-polymer encapsulating tumor antigen and CpG DNA administered into the tumor microenvironment elicits a systemic antigen-specific IFN-γ response and enhances survival. J Cancer Ther, 4(1):280-290, 2013. PMID: 23741626  PMCID: PMC3670804
  8. de Vries CR, Poplin E, Weiss RE, August DA, Gabriel E, DiPaola RS, and Lattime EC Poxvirus-based strategies for combined vaccine and tumor microenvironment manipulation In: Gene Therapy of Cancer: Translational Approaches from Preclinical Studies to Clinical Implementation, third edition, edited by EC Lattime and SL Gerson. San Diego: Academic Press, 241-257, 2013.
  9. de Vries CR, Monken CE, and Lattime EC. The addition of recombinant vaccinia HER2/neu to oncolytic vaccinia-GMCSF given into the tumor microenvironment overcomes MDSC-mediated immune escape and systemic anergy. Cancer Gene Therapy, (Epub ahead of print), 2015.
  10. DiPaola RS, Chen Y-H, Bubley GJ, Stein MN, Hahn NM, Carducci MA, Lattime EC, Gulley J, Arlen PM, Butterfield LH, Wilding G. A National Multicenter Phase 2 Study of Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) Pox Virus Vaccine with Sequential Androgen Ablation Therapy in Patients with PSA Progression: ECOG 9802. Eur. Urol. (Epub ahead of print), 2015.
  11. Haenssen KK, Banach-Petrosky W, Suresh A, deVries C, Svanberg-Larsson J, Miles G, Reiss M, Lattime EC* Ganesan S*. (*corresponding senior author) Tissue plasminogen activator promotes brain metastases in HER2+ metastatic breast cancer (submitted).

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