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Sharon L. Manne, PhD

Selected Publications

Meropol, N.J., Daly, M., Vig, H.S., Manion, F., Manne, S.L., Mazar, C., Murphy, C., Solarino, N. & Zubarev, V. (2011). Delivery of internet-based cancer genetic counseling services to patients’ homes: A feasibility study. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 17, 36-40. Epub 2010 Nov. 19. PMCID: PMC3263376

Manne, S., Jacobsen, P., Ming, M., Winkel, G., Dessaurault, S., & Lessin, S. (2010). Tailored versus generic interventions for skin cancer risk reduction for family members of melanoma patients. Health Psychology,29(6), 583-593. PMCID: PMC3058834

Myers, R.E., Manne, S.L., Wilfond, B., Sifri, R., Ziring, B., Wolf, T.A., Cocroft, J., Ueland, A., Petrich, A., Swan, H., DiCarlo, M., & Weinberg, D.S.  (2011). A randomized trial of genetic and environmental risk assessment (GERA) for colorectal cancer risk in primary care.  Contemporary Clinical Trials, 32, 25-31.  PMCID: PMC3006063

Manne, S., Kissane, D., Zaider, T., Nelson, C., Winkel, G., & Mulhall, J. (2011). Intimacy-enhancing psychological intervention for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their partners.  Journal of Sexual Medicine, 8(4), 1197-209. PMCID: 3070795

Hall, M., Manne, S., Winkel, G., Chung, D.S., Weinberg, D.S., & Meropol, N. J. (2011). Effects of a decision support intervention on decisional conflict associated with microsatellite instability testing. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention, 20(2), 249-54. PMCID: PMC3076798

Manne, S., Coups, E., Jacobsen, P.B., Ming, M., Heckman, C., & Lessin, S. (2011). Sun protection and sunbathing practices among family members of patients with melanoma. BMC Public Health, 11(1), 122. PMCID: PMC3050750

Rini, C., Jandorf, L. Goldsmith, R., Manne, S., Harpaz, N., & Itzkowitz, S. (2011). Interpersonal influences on patients' surgical decision making: The role of close others. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Feb 10. Epub ahead of print. PMCID: 3113663

Coups, E. J., Heckman, C. J., & Manne, S. L. (2011). Melanoma risk and preventive behaviors among men and women. Letter to the editor. The American Journal of Surgery. July 27. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 21798512

Manne, S. L., Badr, H., & Kashy, D. A. (2011). A longitudinal analysis of intimacy processes and psychological distress among couples coping with head and neck or lung cancers. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. May 10. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 21556790

Meropol, N., Daly, M., Vig, H., Manion, F., Manne, S., Mazar, C., Murphy, C., Solarino, N., Zubarev, V. (2011).  Delivery of internet-based cancer genetic counseling services to patients’ homes: a feasibility study.  Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 17(1): 36-40.  PMCID: PMC3263376

Coups, E.J., Manne, S., Jacobsen, P.B., Ming, M.E., Heckman, C.J., & Lessin, S. (2011). Skin surveillance intentions among family members of patients with melanoma. BMC Public Health, 11: 866.  PMCID: PMC3248224

Manne, S., Etz, R., Boscarino, J., & Weinberg, D. (2012). A qualitative analysis of couples’ communication regarding colorectal cancer screening using the interdependence model. Patient Education and Counseling, 87(1): 18-22.  PMID: 21835574

Manne, S., Kashy, D., Weinberg, D., Boscarino, J., & Bowen, D. L. (2012). Using the Interdependence model to understand spousal influence on colorectal cancer screening intentions: A structural equation model.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 43: 320-329.  PMID: 22274725

Fang, C., Longacre, M., Manne, S., Ridge, J., Lango, M., & Burtness, B. (in press). Information preferences of head and neck cancer patients. Health and Technology, 2(1): 57-62.

Heckman, C.J., Manne, S.L., Darlow, S., Cohen-Filipic, E., Kloss, P, Munshi, T., & Perlis, C. (2012). Psychosocial correlates of sunburn among young adult women.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 9: 2241-2251.

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