Researcher Publications

Chang S. Chan, PhD

Selected Publications

  • Chan CS. Prevalence and penetrance of Li-Fraumeni cancer predisposition syndrome. Current Opinion in Systems Biology. 2017 Feb 24;1(1):48-53.
  • Puzio-Kuter AM, Laddha SV, Castillo-Martin M, Sun Y, Cordon-Cardo C, Chan CS, Levine AJ (2015). Involvement of tumor suppressors PTEN and p53 in the formation of multiple subtypes of liposarcoma. Cell Death Differ. PMID:25822339
  • Joshi S, Tolkunov D, Aviv H, Hakimi AA, Yao M, Hsieh JJ, Ganesan S, Chan CS*, White E* (2015). The genomic landscape of renal oncocytoma identifies a metabolic barrier to tumorigenesis. Cell Rep., 13(9):1895-908. (* co-corresponding authors
  • Ariffin H, Hainaut P, Puzio-Kuter A, Choong SS, Chan AS, Tolkunov D, Rajagopal G, Kang W, Lim LL, Krishnan S, Chen KS, Achatz MI, Karsa M, Shamsani J, Levine AJ, Chan CS (2014). Whole-genome sequencing analysis of phenotypic heterogeneity and anticipation in Li-Fraumeni cancer predisposition syndrome. PNAS, 111(43):15497-501. PMCID: PMC4217424
  • Dudgeon C*, Chan C*, Kang W, Sun Y, Emerson R, Robins H, Levine AJ (2014). The evolution of thymic lymphomas in p53 knockout mice. Genes Dev, 28(23):2613-20. PMCID: PMC4248292 (* co-first authors)
  • Zhang C, Liu J, Wang X, Wu R, Lin M, Laddha S, Young KH, Chan CS, Feng Z (2014). MicroRNA-339 inhibits colorectal tumorigenesis through regulation of the MDM2/p53 signaling. Oncotarget, 5(19):9106-17. PMCID: PMC4253422
  • Zhang C, Liu J, Wu R, Liang Y, Lin M, Liu J, Chan C.S., Hu W, Feng Z. Tumor suppressor p53 negatively regulates glycolysis stimulated by hypoxia through its target RRAD. Oncotarget, 2014 June 26.
  • Karsli-Uzunbas G, Guo JY, Price S, Teng X, Laddha SV, Khor S, Kalanny NY, Jacks T, Chan CS, Rabinowitz JD, White E. Autophagy is required for glucose homeostasis and lung tumor maintenance. Cancer Discov., 2014 May 29.
  • Laddha SV, Ganesan S, Chan C.S.*, White E*. Mutational landscape of the essential autophagy gene BECN1 in human cancers. Mol Cancer Res., 12(4):485-90, 2014. *co-corresponding author.
  • Sagne C, Marcel V, Bota M, Martel-Planche G, Nobrega A, Palmero E, Perriaud L, Boniol M, Vagner S, Cox D, Chan C.S., Mergny JL, Olivier M, Prolla P, Hall J, Hainaut P, Achatz M. Age at cancer onset in germline TP53 mutation carriers: association with polymorphisms in predicted G-quadruplex structures. Carcinogenesis, 35(4):807-15, 2014.
  • Hu W, Chan C.S., Zhang C., Sun Y., Song J.S., Levine A.J., Feng Z. Negative Regulation of Tumor Suppressor p53 by microRNA miR-504. Molecular Cell, 38:689-699, 2010.
  • Chan C.S., Song J.S. CTCF Confines the Distal Action of Estrogen Receptor. Cancer Research, 68(21): 9041-9049, 2008.
  • Chan C.S., Elemento O., Tavazoie S. Revealing Post-transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Complex Genomes. PLoS Computational Biology, 1(7): e69, 2005.
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