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Deborah L. Toppmeyer, MD

Selected Publications

Bilal E, Vassallo K, Toppmeyer D, Barnard N, Rye IH, Almendro V, Russnes H, Børresen-Dale AL, Levine AJ, Bhanot G, Ganesan S. Amplified Loci on Chromosomes 8 and 17 Predict Early Relapse in ER-Positive Breast Cancers. PLoS One. 2012;7(6):e38575. Epub.PMID: 22719901, 2012 June.

Bilal E, Alexe G, Yao M, Cong L, Kulkarni A, Ginjala V, Toppmeyer D, Ganesan S, Bhanot G.  Identification of the YES1 Kinase as a Therapeutic Target in Basal-Like Breast Cancers. Genes Cancer;1(10):1063-73.PMID: 21779430, 2010 October.

Vazquez A, Kulkarni D, Grochola LF, Bond GL, Barnard N, Toppmeyer D, Levine AJ, Hirshfield KM. A genetic variant in a PP2A regulatory subunit encoded by the PPP2R2B gene associates with altered breast cancer risk and recurrence. International J Cancer, 128(10):2335-43, 2011 May.

Mehta MS, Vazquez A, Kulkarni DA, Kerrigan JE, Atwal G, Metsugi S, Toppmeyer DL, Levine AJ, Hirshfield KM. Polymorphic variants in TSC1 and TSC2 and their association with breast cancer phenotypes. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 125(3):861-8,  2010 July.

Kulkarni D, Vazquez A, Haffty B, Bandera E, Hu W, Sun Y, Toppmeyer D, Levine A, Hirshfield KM.  A polymorphic variant in HDMX associates with accelerated age of onset of estrogen receptor negative breast cancer. Carcinogenesis (11):1910-5, 2009 November 30.

Haffty B, Choi D, Goyal S, Silbe, A, Ranieri K, Matloff  D, Lee M, Nissenblatt M, Toppmeyer D, Moran M. Breast cancer in you women (YBC): prevalence of BRCA1/2 mutations and risk of secondary malignancies across diverse racial groups. Annals of Oncology, 20(10):1653-9, 2009 October.

Parikh R, Housman D, Yang Q, Toppmeyer D, Wilson L, Haffty, B.  Prognostic value of Triple-Negative (TN) Phenotype at the time of locally recurrent conservatively treated breast cancer. Accepted International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 72(4):1056-6, 2008 November.

Haffty B, Qifeng Y, Reiss M, Kearney T, Higgins S, Weidhaas J., Harris L, Hait W, Toppmeyer D. Locoregional relapse and distant metastasis in conservatively managed triple negative early-stage breast cancer,  JCO 24(36): 5652-5657, 2006 December.

Bond G, Hirshfield K, Kirchhoff T, Alexe G, Bond E, Robins H, Bartel F, Taubert H, Wuerl P, Hait W, Toppmeyer D, Offit K, Levine A.  MDM2 SNP309 accelerates tumor formation in a gender specific and hormonal dependent manner. Cancer Res., 66(10):5104-10, 2006 May.

Kelly K, Leventhal H, Andrykowski M, Toppmeyer D, Much J, Dermody J, Marvin M, Baran J, Schwalb M. Using the common sense model to understand perceived cancer risk in individuals testing for BRCA1/2 mutations. Psycho oncology, 14(1):34-48, 2005 January.

Kelly, K, Leventhal, H, Marvin, M, Toppmeyer, D, Baran, J, Schwalb, M.  Cancer Genetics knowledge and beliefs and receipt of results in Ashkenazi Jewish individuals receiving counseling for BRCA1/2 mutations.  Cancer Control, 11 (4):  236-44, 2004 July/August.

Kelly K, Leventhal H, Andrykowski M, Toppmeyer D, Much J, Dermody J, Marvin M, Baran J, Schwalb M.  The decision to test in women receiving genetic counseling for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations.  J Genet Couns, 13(3):237-57, 2004 June.

Pegram, M. Pienkowski, T, Northfelt D, Eiermann W, Patel R., Fumoleau P, Quan E, Crown J, Toppmeyer D, Smylie M, Riva A, Blita S, Press M, Reese D, Lindsay M and Slamon D. Results of two open label multicenter phase II studies of the synergistic, nonanthracycline based combination of docetaxel, platinum salt, and trastuzumab in HER2- positive advanced breast cancer.  J Natl Cancer Inst., 96(10):759-69, 2004 May 19.

Kelly, K, Leventhal, H, Toppmeyer, D, Much, J, Dermody, J, Marvin, M., Baran, J, Schwalb, M.  Subjective and objective risk of carrying a BRCA1/2 mutation in individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish Descent. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 12 (4): 351-1, 2003.

Toppmeyer D, Gounder M, Much J, Musanti R, Vyas V, Medina M, Orlando T, Pennick M, Lin Y, Shih W, Goodin S, Rubin E. A phase I and pharmacologic study of the combination of marimastat and paclitaxel in patients with advanced malignancies. Med Sci Monit, 9(8):PI99-104, 2003 August.

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