Shared Resources

Shared Resources have been developed where a perceived need exists for specialized equipment, services, or expert consultation. Shared Resources with specialized instrumentation and the expertise to apply these resources to research have become increasingly important in recent years.

Shared Resources provide:

  • Facilitated and more affordable means to access technology that cannot be supported by individual labs.
  • Centralized intellectual and technical resources that can assist the researcher in designing and conducting the proper experiment, preparing the appropriate samples for analysis, analyzing them in the most appropriate manner, and assisting in correctly interpreting the results.
  • The essential technical support for the operation and maintenance of specialized equipment.

Acknowledgement of Shared Resources

The shared resources of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey are specialized service facilities that support the cancer research efforts of our members. Please remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Shared Resources in your research papers, publications and grant applications. (Note: please also consider including the names of individuals from the shared resources if they provided any intellectual input or additional effort.)

Each shared resource webpage provides a specific acknowledgement example. If you would like any guidance on how to properly acknowledge a single shared resource or multiple shared resources you may contact Janet Bandoy, Shared Resource Coordinator.

For general questions or to provide feedback on your experience using our Shared Resources, please click the button below:

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