2016 Survivors Day Celebration

Thank you to all who joined us for this special day of celebration!


About Our Keynote Speaker

Amber MarcheseAmber Marchese is a highly recognized television personality and business woman who has appeared on BRAVO’s Hit show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” She is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and is married to James Marchese and has four children. Amber puts her family above everything else and ingrains in them traditional values. Amber graduated with a BA, then acquired a Masters in Bio-Behavioral Studies/Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. She has a passion for health and fitness and has created her own fitness brand called Vici fitness. Vici literally mean to “conquer” and is a metaphor, as Amber conquers all challenges and interests. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 31-years-old, she underwent a double mastectomy and a year and a half of chemotherapy; all while caring for a two-year-old and one year-old, as well as her stepchildren. Amber was diagnosed a second time with localized breast cancer in April 2015 and is still currently undergoing treatment. She attributes being a better mother, wife, and person to her battle with cancer. Amber is a philanthropist who donates time and money to countless charities raising awareness for young women with cancer and assisting them with the emotional and financial impact of the disease. Amber describes herself as an intensely passionate person who is outgoing, fun, and occasionally downright silly.



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