Cancer Sites for Kids

Band-Aides & Blackboards - If you have a chronic illness, check out this site. You can find tips about being teased or read stories written by other kids.

Childhood Cancer Guides-Blood Counts - When you’re learning about cancer, it’s important to understand what a blood count is. This site should help.

Children's Page (MedlinePlus) - Learn about everything from how the body works to what happens when you go to the hospital. There are quizzes, games and lots of cool web sites for you to explore.

Children's Zone - Here you can find out about your body, medical tests, and learn from a health dictionary.

Kids' Health Problems (KidsHealth for Kids) - Look down the list until you find the links under the topic “cancer”.

Kids Konnected - If you have a parent with cancer, you don't have to feel alone. This Web site may help.

SuperSibs - This site is for brothers or sisters of kids with cancer.


Interactive Tutorials / Videos

The Cancer Game - You can fight cancer cells in this fun video game.

Mayo Clinic - Be sun smart - This short animated video reminds you to have fun outdoors, but be sure to take care of your skin health!

Remission2  - fun game where kids can blast cancer, and at the same time learn about the disease.

February 2015