Physician Profile

Sara Isani, MD
Gynecologic Oncologist

The most important aspect of being a physician for me is to be part of the dynamic cycle of helping, teaching, and learning. As a gynecologic oncologist, I have the chance to do that in the most profound way through my interactions with the courageous women fighting against cancers of the reproductive tract. 

Growing up in the New Jersey / New York area, I have a strong commitment to this region that provided me with such a nurturing and stimulating environment. From my childhood exposure to the diverse neighborhoods around me to the amazing education I received just down the street from Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey at Princeton University, I have always wanted to give back to this community.  I focused on this goal through my OB/Gyn residency training at Yale University School of Medicine and my gynecologic oncology fellowship training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Through my expertise and the multi-disciplinary services available at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, I am able to offer my patients comprehensive care—initial evaluation, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, clinical trials, palliative treatments, support/counseling, and more—all under my direction.  There is nothing more rewarding than being by a patient’s side as she goes through each step of this process. As a gynecologic oncologist trained as a surgeon and also in the administration of chemotherapy, I am able to tailor treatments to my patient’s unique needs. I am also able to offer minimally-invasive/robotic approaches when appropriate. Additionally, my research interests include the development of novel therapeutics to find new drugs that confer better results.

Clinical Expertise 

Evaluation and treatment of gynecologic cancers (ovarian, uterine, cervical, vulvar, vaginal) and pre-cancer; robotic/minimally-invasive surgery

  • Bayer Best Teaching Resident, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Peter A. Granum Memorial Award, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Best Fellow Award, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Contact Information  

To schedule a new patient appointment call 732-235-8515.
For all other inquiries call 732-235-2465.