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Katie Devine, PhD, MPH

Publications since 2011

Lee, J. L. Eaton, C. Gutierrez-Colina, A. M. Devine, K. Simons, L. Mee, L. Blount, R. L. Longitudinal Stability of Specific Barriers to Medication Adherence. J Pediatr Psychol, 39:667-676, . (PMID: 24824613)

Murray, C. B. Amaro, C. M. Devine, K. A. Psihogios, A. M. Murphy, L. K. Holmbeck, G. N. Observed Macro- and Micro-Level Parenting Behaviors During Preadolescent Family Interactions as Predictors of Adjustment in Emerging Adults With and Without Spina Bifida. J Pediatr Psychol, In process, . (PMID: 24864277)

Gage-Bouchard, E. A. Devine, K. A. Examining parents' assessments of objective and subjective social status in families of children with cancer. PLoS One, 9:e89842, . (PMID: 24599006, PMCID: PMC3943796)

Gage-Bouchard, E. A. Devine, K. A. Heckler, C. E. The Relationship between Socio-demographic Characteristics, Family Environment, and Caregiver Coping in Families of Children with Cancer. J Clin Psychol Med Settings, In process, . (PMID: 23670676)

Devine, K. A. Heckler, C. E. Katz, E. R. Fairclough, D. L. Phipps, S. Sherman-Bien, S. Dolgin, M. J. Noll, R. B. Askins, M. A. Butler, R. W. Sahler, O. J. Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Pediatric Parenting Stress Inventory (PPSI). Health Psychol, In process, . (PMID: 23544994)

Devine, K. A. Holbein, C. E. Psihogios, A. M. Amaro, C. M. Holmbeck, G. N. Individual adjustment, parental functioning, and perceived social support in Hispanic and non-Hispanic white mothers and fathers of children with spina bifida. J Pediatr Psychol, 37:769-778, . (PMID: 21990583, PMCID: PMC3404450)

Devine, K. A. Holmbeck, G. N. Gayes, L. Purnell, J. Q. Friendships of children and adolescents with spina bifida: social adjustment, social performance, and social skills. J Pediatr Psychol, 37:220-231, . (PMID: 21930663, PMCID: PMC3282280)

Spaulding, S. A. Devine, K. A. Duncan, C. L. Wilson, N. W. Hogan, M. B. Electronic monitoring and feedback to improve adherence in pediatric asthma. J Pediatr Psychol, 37:64-74, . (PMID: 21852340)

Chandwani, K. D. Ryan, J. L. Peppone, L. J. Janelsins, M. M. Sprod, L. K. Devine, K. Trevino, L. Gewandter, J. Morrow, G. R. Mustian, K. M. Cancer-related stress and complementary and alternative medicine: a review. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2012:979213, . (PMID: 22844341, PMCID: PMC3403456)

Carroll, J. K. Winters, P. C. Purnell, J. Q. Devine, K. Fiscella, K. Do navigators' estimates of navigation intensity predict navigation time for cancer care? J Cancer Educ, 26:761-766, . (PMID: 21556957)

Mohile, S. G. Heckler, C. Fan, L. Mustian, K. Jean-Pierre, P. Usuki, K. Sprod, L. Janelsins, M. Purnell, J. Peppone, L. Palesh, O. Devine, K. A. Morrow, G. Age-related Differences in Symptoms and Their Interference with Quality of Life in 903 Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy. J Geriatr Oncol, 2:225-232, . (PMID: 22888384, PMCID: PMC3415272)

Devine, K. A. Reed-Knight, B. Loiselle, K. A. Simons, L. E. Mee, L. L. Blount, R. L. Predictors of long-term health-related quality of life in adolescent solid organ transplant recipients. J Pediatr Psychol, 36:891-901, . (PMID: 21343144)

Holmbeck, G. N. Devine, K. A. Commentary: Family assessment in pediatric psychology. J Pediatr Psychol, 36:642-646, . (PMID: 21325268, PMCID: PMC3131708)

Devine, K. A. Wasserman, R. M. Gershenson, L. S. Holmbeck, G. N. Essner, B. S. Mother-adolescent agreement regarding decision-making autonomy: a longitudinal comparison of families of adolescents with and without spina bifida. J Pediatr Psychol, 36:277-288, . (PMID: 20943730, PMCID: PMC3062286)

Loiselle, K. A. Devine, K. A. Reed-Knight, B. Blount, R. L. Posttraumatic growth associated with a relative's serious illness. Fam Syst Health, 29:64-72, . (PMID: 21417525, PMCID: PMC3090141)