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Yi Ren, PhD

Publications since 2011

Wang, X. Chen, T. Leng, L. Fan, J. Cao, K. Duan, Z. Zhang, X. Shao, C. Wu, M. Tadmori, I. Li, T. Liang, L. Sun, D. Zheng, S. Meinhardt, A. Young, W. Bucala, R. Ren, Y. MIF produced by bone marrow-derived macrophages contributes to teratoma progression after embryonic stem cell transplantation. Cancer Res, 72:2867-2878, . (PMID: 22461508)

Ren, Y. Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor gamma: A Link between Macrophage CD36 and Inflammation in Malaria Infection. PPAR Res, 2012:640769, . (PMID: 22287954, PMCID: PMC3263638)