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Gary S. Goldberg, PhD

Selected Publications

15 Peer-reviewed Publications (from over 40 peer-reviewed publications)

  1. Shen, Y., Jia Z., Nagele R.G., Ichikawa H., and Goldberg G.S. (2006) Src utilizes Cas to suppress Fhl1 in order to promote nonanchored growth and migration of tumor cells. Cancer Research 66, 1543-1552. PMID: 16452211.
  2. Patwardhan, P., Shen, Y., Goldberg, G.S., and Miller, W.T. (2006) Individual Cas phosphorylation sites are dispensable for processive phosphorylation by Src and cellular transformation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, 20689-20697. PMID: 16707485.
  3. Shen, Y., Khusial, P.R., Li, X., Ichikawa, H., Moreno, A.P., and Goldberg, G.S. (2007) Src utilizes Cas to block gap junctional communication mediated by connexin43. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282, 18914-18921. PMID: 17488714. 
  4. Li, X., Jia, Z., Shen, Y., Ichikawa, H., Jarvik, J., Nagele, R.J., and Goldberg, G.S. (2008) Coordinate suppression of Sdpr and Fhl1 expression in tumors of the breast, kidney, and prostate. Cancer Science 99, 1326-1333. PMID: 18422756.
  5. Li, X., Shen, Y., Ichikawa, H., Antes, T., and Goldberg, G.S. (2009) Regulation of miRNA expression by Src and contact normalization: effects on nonanchored cell growth and migration. Oncogene 28, 4272–4283. PMID: 19767772.
  6. Funasaka, K., Ito, S., Hasegawa, H., Goldberg, G.S., Hirooka, Y., Goto, H., Hamaguchi, M., Senga, T. (2010) Cas utilizes Nck2 to activate Cdc42 and regulate cell polarization during cell migration in response to wound healing. FEBS Journal 277, 3502-3513. PMID: 20637038.
  7. Khusial, P.R., Vadla, B., Krishnan, H., Ramlall, T.F., Shen, Y., Ichikawa, H., Geng, J.-G., and Goldberg, G.S. (2010) Src activates Abl to augment Robo1 expression in order to promote tumor cell migration. Oncotarget 4, 198-209. (highlighted in news section and issue cover illustration). PMID: 21301049.  
  8. Shen, Y., Chen, C.-S., Ichikawa, H., and Goldberg, G.S. (2010) Src induces Pdpn expression to promote cell migration. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285, 9649-9656. PMID: 20123990.
  9. Scholl, T.O., Chen, X., Goldberg, G.S. Khusial, P.R., Stein, T.P. (2011) Maternal diet, C-reactive protein, and the outcome of pregnancy. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 30, 233-240. PMID: 21917703.
  10. Krishnan, H., Miller, W.T., and Goldberg, G.S. (2012) Src points the way to biomarkers and chemotherapeutic targets. Genes and Cancer 3, 426-435. PMID: 23226580.
  11. Ochoa-Alvarez, J.A., Krishnan, H., Shen, Y., Acharya, N.K., Han, M., McNulty, D.E., Hasegawa, H., Hyodo, T., Senga, T., Geng, J.-G., Kosciuk, M., Shin, S.S., Goydos, J.S., Temiakov, D., Nagele, R.G., and Goldberg, G.S. (2012) Plant lectin can target receptors containing sialic acid, exemplified by podoplanin, to inhibit transformed cell growth and migration. PLoS One 7:e41845. PMID: 22844530.
  12. Krishnan, H., Ochoa-Alvarez, J.A., Shen, Y., Nevel, E., Lakshminarayanan, M., Williams, M.C., Ramirez, M.I., Miller, W.T., Goldberg, G.S. (2013) Serines in the intracellular tail of podoplanin (PDPN) regulate cell motility. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288, 12215-12221. (published as “report” - reserved for papers “within the top 5 percent of all articles published in the journal”). PMID: 23530051.
  13. Mayan, M.D., Gago-Fuentes, R., Carpintero-Fernandez, P., Fernandez-Puente, P., Filgueira-Fernandez, P., Goyanes, N., Valiunas, V., Brink, P.R., Goldberg, G.S., and Blanco, F.J. (2015) Articular chondrocyte network mediated by gap junctions: Role in metabolic cartilage homeostasis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 74: 275-84. PMID: 24225059.
  14. Kolar, K., Freitas-Andrade, M., Bechberger, J.F., Krishnan, H., Goldberg, G.S., Naus, C.C., and Sin, W.C. (in press) Podoplanin: a marker of reactive gliosis in gliomas and brain injury. Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology. (Highlighted in issue cover art).  PMDI: 25470350.
  15. Nahta, R., Al-Mulla, F., Al-Temaimi, R., et al (in press) Mechanisms of environmental chemicals that enable the cancer hallmark of evasion of growth suppression. Carcinogenesis.