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Biren Saraiya, MD

Publications since 2011

Moss, R. A. Moore, D. Mulcahy, M. F. Nahum, K. Saraiya, B. Eddy, S. Kleber, M. Poplin, E. A. A Multi-institutional Phase 2 Study of Imatinib Mesylate and Gemcitabine for First-Line Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. Gastrointest Cancer Res, 5:77-83, . (PMID: 22888387, PMCID: PMC3415717)

Saraiya, B. Chugh, R. Karantza, V. Mehnert, J. Moss, R. A. Savkina, N. Stein, M. N. Baker, L. H. Chenevert, T. Poplin, E. A. Phase I study of gemcitabine, docetaxel and imatinib in refractory and relapsed solid tumors. Invest New Drugs, 30:258-265, . (PMID: 20697775)

Kothadia, J. P. Chhabra, S. Marcus, A. May, M. Saraiya, B. Jabbour, S. K. Anterior mediastinal mass in a young marijuana smoker: a rare case of small-cell lung cancer. Case Report Med, 2012:754231, . (PMID: 22545056, PMCID: PMC3321533)

Siderits, R. Poblete, F. Saraiya, B. Rimmer, C. Hazra, A. Aye, L. Angiosarcoma of small bowel presenting with obstruction: novel observations on a rare diagnostic entity with unique clinical presentation. Case Rep Gastrointest Med, 2012:480135, . (PMID: 23198186, PMCID: PMC3502795)