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Susan Goodin, PharmD

Publications since 2011

Huang, H. Chen, S. Van Doren, J. Li, D. Farichon, C. He, Y. Zhang, Q. Zhang, K. Conney, A. H. Goodin, S. Du, Z. Zheng, X. alpha-tomatine inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in HL-60 human myeloid leukemia cells. Mol Med Rep, In process, . (PMID: 25625536)

Richie, J. P. Das, A. Calcagnotto, A. Sinha, R. Neidig, W. Liao, J. Lengerich, E. J. Berg, A. Hartman, T. J. Ciccarella, A. Baker, A. Kaag, M. G. Goodin, S. DiPaola, R. S. El-Bayoumy, K. Comparative effects of two different forms of selenium on oxidative stress biomarkers in healthy men: a randomized clinical trial. Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 7:796-804, . (PMID: 24938534, PMCID: PMC4125492)

Huang, H. Cui, X. X. Chen, S. Goodin, S. Liu, Y. He, Y. Li, D. Wang, H. VAN Doren, J. Dipaola, R. S. Conney, A. H. Zheng, X. Combination of Lipitor and Celebrex Inhibits Prostate Cancer VCaP Cells In Vitro and In Vivo. Anticancer Res, 34:3357-3363, . (PMID: 24982340)

Wang, H. Cui, X. X. Goodin, S. Ding, N. Van Doren, J. Du, Z. Huang, M. T. Liu, Y. Cheng, X. Dipaola, R. S. Conney, A. H. Zheng, X. Inhibition of IL-6 expression in LNCaP prostate cancer cells by a combination of atorvastatin and celecoxib. Oncol Rep, 31:835-841, . (PMID: 24296978, PMCID: PMC3981114)

Goodin, S. Dipaola, R. S. Cabozantinib in Prostate Cancer: The Beginning of a Precision Paradigm? J Clin Oncol, 31:401-403, . (PMID: 23248244)

Ha, Y. S. Goodin, S. Dipaola, R. S. Kim, I. Y. Enzalutamide for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Drugs Today (Barc), 49:7-13, . (PMID: 23362491)

Gounder, M. K. Lin, H. Stein, M. Goodin, S. Bertino, J. R. Kong, A. N. DiPaola, R. S. A validated bioanalytical HPLC method for pharmacokinetic evaluation of 2-deoxyglucose in human plasma. Biomed Chromatogr, 26:650-654, . (PMID: 21932382)

Stein, M. Goodin, S. Doyle-Lindrud, S. Silberberg, J. Kane, M. Metzger, D. Eddy, S. Shih, W. DiPaola, R. S. Transdermal estradiol in castrate and chemotherapy resistant prostate cancer. Med Sci Monit, 18:CR260-CR264, . (PMID: 22460098)

Stein, M. N. Goodin, S. Dipaola, R. S. Abiraterone in prostate cancer: a new angle to an old problem. Clin Cancer Res, 18:1848-1854, . (PMID: 22451619)

Goodin, S. Griffith, N. Chen, B. Chuk, K. Daouphars, M. Doreau, C. Patel, R. A. Schwartz, R. Tames, M. J. Terkola, R. Vadnais, B. Wright, D. Meier, K. Safe Handling of Oral Chemotherapeutic Agents in Clinical Practice: Recommendations From an International Pharmacy Panel. J Oncol Pract, 7:7-12, . (PMID: 21532802, PMCID: PMC3014516)

Zheng, X. Cui, X. X. Khor, T. O. Huang, Y. Dipaola, R. S. Goodin, S. Lee, M. J. Yang, C. S. Kong, A. N. Conney, A. H. Inhibitory Effect of a gamma-Tocopherol-Rich Mixture of Tocopherols on the Formation and Growth of LNCaP Prostate Tumors in Immunodeficient Mice. Cancers (Basel), 3:3762-3772, . (PMID: 24213110, PMCID: PMC3763395)