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Monica J. Roth, PhD

Publications since 2011

Valdivieso, L. T. Sarangi, A. Whidby, J. Marcotrigiano, J. Roth, M. J. The role of cysteines in stabilizing the randomized receptor binding domains within feline leukemia virus Envelope proteins. J Virol, In process, . (PMID: 26719270)

Aiyer, S. Rossi, P. Malani, N. Schneider, W. M. Chandar, A. Bushman, F. D. Montelione, G. T. Roth, M. J. Structural and sequencing analysis of local target DNA recognition by MLV integrase. Nucleic Acids Res, In process, . (PMID: 25969444)

Wu, D. T. Roth, M. J. MLV based viral-like-particles for delivery of toxic proteins and nuclear transcription factors. Biomaterials, 35:8416-8426, . (PMID: 24997480, PMCID: PMC4139071)

Larue, R. C. Plumb, M. R. Crowe, B. L. Shkriabai, N. Sharma, A. Difiore, J. Malani, N. Aiyer, S. S. Roth, M. J. Bushman, F. D. Foster, M. P. Kvaratskhelia, M. Bimodal high-affinity association of Brd4 with murine leukemia virus integrase and mononucleosomes. Nucleic Acids Res, 42:4868-4881, . (PMID: 24520112, PMCID: PMC4005663)

Aiyer, S. Swapna, G. V. Malani, N. Aramini, J. M. Schneider, W. M. Plumb, M. R. Ghanem, M. Larue, R. C. Sharma, A. Studamire, B. Kvaratskhelia, M. Bushman, F. D. Montelione, G. T. Roth, M. J. Altering murine leukemia virus integration through disruption of the integrase and BET protein family interaction. Nucleic Acids Res, 42:5917-5928, . (PMID: 24623816, PMCID: PMC4027182)

Wu, D. T. Aiyer, S. Villanueva, R. A. Roth, M. J. Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on the murine leukemia virus p30 capsid protein. J Virol Methods, 193:332-336, . (PMID: 23810854, PMCID: PMC3775985)

Sharma, A. Larue, R. C. Plumb, M. R. Malani, N. Male, F. Slaughter, A. Kessl, J. J. Shkriabai, N. Coward, E. Aiyer, S. S. Green, P. L. Wu, L. Roth, M. J. Bushman, F. D. Kvaratskhelia, M. BET proteins promote efficient murine leukemia virus integration at transcription start sites. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:12036-12041, . (PMID: 23818621, PMCID: PMC3718171)

Schneider, W. M. Brzezinski, J. D. Aiyer, S. Malani, N. Gyuricza, M. Bushman, F. D. Roth, M. J. Viral DNA tethering domains complement replication-defective mutations in the p12 protein of MuLV Gag. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:9487-9492, . (PMID: 23661057, PMCID: PMC3677494)

Mazari, P. M. Roth, M. J. Library screening and receptor-directed targeting of gammaretroviral vectors. Future Microbiol, 8:107-121, . (PMID: 23252496, PMCID: PMC3564632)

Henriquez, D. R. Zhao, C. Zheng, H. Arbildua, J. J. Acevedo, M. L. Roth, M. J. Leon, O. Crosslinking and mass spectrometry suggest that the isolated NTD domain dimer of Moloney murine leukemia virus integrase adopts a parallel arrangement in solution. BMC Struct Biol, 13:14, . (PMID: 23844665, PMCID: PMC3750625)

Zhang, X. Sarangi, A. Wu, D. T. Kanduri, J. Roth, M. J. Gene delivery in a mouse xenograft of a retargeted retrovirus to a solid 143B osteosarcoma. Virol J, 10:194, . (PMID: 23767896, PMCID: PMC3689073)

Mazari, P. M. Argaw, T. Valdivieso, L. Zhang, X. Marcucci, K. T. Salomon, D. R. Wilson, C. A. Roth, M. J. Comparison of the convergent receptor utilization of a retargeted feline leukemia virus envelope with a naturally-occurring porcine endogenous retrovirus A. Virology, 427:118-126, . (PMID: 22405627)

Schneider, W. M. Wu, D. T. Amin, V. Aiyer, S. Roth, M. J. MuLV IN mutants responsive to HDAC inhibitors enhance transcription from unintegrated retroviral DNA. Virology, 426:188-196, . (PMID: 22365328, PMCID: PMC3294019)

Wu, D. T. Seita, Y. Zhang, X. Lu, C. W. Roth, M. J. Antibody-directed lentiviral gene transduction for live-cell monitoring and selection of human iPS and hES cells. PLoS One, 7:e34778, . (PMID: 22536330, PMCID: PMC3334894)

Farias, R. V. Vargas, D. A. Castillo, A. E. Valenzuela, B. Cote, M. L. Roth, M. J. Leon, O. Expression of an Mg2+-dependent HIV-1 RNase H construct for drug screening. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 55:4735-4741, . (PMID: 21768506, PMCID: PMC3186996)

Rondi, A. Kiselev, D. Machado, S. Extermann, J. Weber, S. Bonacina, L. Wolf, J. P. Roslund, J. Roth, M. Rabitz, H. Discriminating biomolecules with coherent control strategies. Chimia (Aarau), 65:346-349, . (PMID: 21744691)