Researcher Profile

David J. Augeri, PhD

Associate I Member, Cancer Pharmacology Program

Member since 2013

Academic Appointment

Research Professor I of Medicinal Chemistry
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


  • Director, Molecular Design and Synthesis, Translational Science


Research Interests

  • Protein-protein interactions in apoptotic signaling
  • Bmi-1 signalling
  • Bcl-2 family proteins and pro/anti apoptotic signaling of BH3 proteins
  • Substitution of a small molecule: protein interaction that simulates a protein:protein interaction ABT-263/ABT-199 with Bcl-2
  • Mechanisms of malignant cell growth and metastasis
  • Impact of anti-angiogenic agents
  • Taxol, epothilone agents
  • Torisel (Rapamicin analog temsirolimus) and its mTOR binding domain architecture

Selected Publications

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