Researcher Publications

Darren R. Carpizo, MD, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Tsang A.T., Dudgeon C., Yi L., Yu X., Goraczniak R., Donohue K., Kogan S., Brenneman M.A., Ho E.S., Gunderson S.I., Carpizo D.R. (2017) U1 Adaptors supress the KRAS-MYC oncogenic axis in human pancreatic cancer xenografts. Mol Cancer Ther PMID 28377488
  2. Cercek A, Gendel V, Jabbour S, Moore D, Chen C, Nosher J, Capanu M, Chou JF, Boucher T, Kemeny N, Carpizo DR. A Comparison of Yttrium-90 Microsphere Radioembolization to Hepatic Arterial Infusional Chemotherapy for Patients with Chemo-refractory Hepatic Colorectal Metastases. Curr Treat Options Oncol. 2017 Jul;18(7):42. doi: 10.1007/s11864-017-0481-1. PMID: 28608276
  3. Yu, X., Vazquez, A., Levine, A. J., and Carpizo, D. R. (2012) Allele-specific p53 mutant reactivation. Cancer cell 21, 614-625
  4. Yu, X., Blanden, A. R., Narayanan, S., Jayakumar, L., Lubin, D., Augeri, D., Kimball, S. D., Loh, S. N., and Carpizo, D. R. (2014) Small molecule restoration of wildtype structure and function of mutant p53 using a novel zinc-metallochaperone based mechanism. Oncotarget 5, 8879-8892
  5. Blanden, A. R., Yu, X., Wolfe, A. J., Gilleran, J. A., Augeri, D. J., O'Dell, R. S., Olson, E. C., Kimball, S. D., Emge, T. J., Movileanu, L., Carpizo, D. R., and Loh, S. N. (2015) Synthetic Metallochaperone ZMC1 Rescues Mutant p53 Conformation by Transporting Zinc into Cells as an Ionophore. Molecular pharmacology
  6. Blanden, A. R., Yu, X., Loh, S. N., Levine, A. J., and Carpizo, D. R. (2015) Reactivating mutant p53 using small molecules as zinc metallochaperones: awakening a sleeping giant in cancer. Drug Discov Today
  7. Yu X., Blanden A., Tsang A.T., Zaman S., Liu Y., Gilleran J., Bencivenga A.F., Kimball S.D., Loh S.N., Carpizo D.R. (2017) Thiosemicarbazones functioning as zinc metallochaperones to reactviate mutant p53. Mol Pharmcol June;91 (6):567-575. PMID 28320780
  8. S. Eng, J. Goswami, D. Moore, C. Chen, C.J. Gannon, D.A. August, D.R. Carpizo. Intraoperative fluid administration is associated with perioperative outcome in Pancreaticoduodenectomy; A single center retrospective analysis. PMID: 23907788, J Surg Oncol. 2013 Aug 1.
  9. O.S. Eng, J. Goswami, D. Moore, C. Chen, C. Gannon, D. August, D.R. Carpizo. Safety and Efficacy of Ligsure Usage in Pancreaticoduodenectomies: A Retrospective Experience. PMID: 23782268, HPB, Oct; 15, 2013.
  10. Eng OS, Melstrom LG, Carpizo DR. The relationship of perioperative fluid administration to outcomes in colorectal and pancreatic surgery: A review of the literature. J Surg Oncol. 2015 Mar 15; 111(4):472-7.

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