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Equipment in the Research Pharmacy shared resource includes:

  • Research Pharmacy4 ThermoForma 36.5 cubic ft. refrigerators (2oC to 14oC)
  • 2 ThermoForma ULT -80oC freezer
  • 1 ThermoForma 16 cubic ft. –30oC freezer
  • SmartVue, a wireless remote temperature monitoring system
  • 7 BioGARD biological vertical flow safety hoods
  • Labconco Balance Enclosure for counting non-sterile hazardous medications
  • 1 Kirby Lester KL-1 pill counting machine
  • 1 BioClave Autoclave
  • 1 Dell computer for SmartVue monitoring, one iMac computer, printers and fax machine
  • Vestigo web-based investigational drug service product that enhances efficiencies while helping ensure that complex protocols are properly managed for consistency, safety, and compliance










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