Research Highlights

At the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, scientific research goes beyond traditional microscopes and beakers. Our research members – whether basic scientists, bioinformatics specialists, statisticians, clinical specialists, population scientists, or others – have unique expertise in various translational aspects of cancer research. They work collaboratively to translate the latest innovations in cancer research into tomorrow’s treatments for cancer patients.

White Laboratory

Current research of the White Laboratory at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has focused on translational research modulating the apoptosis pathway for cancer therapy and on the role of autophagy and cellular metabolism in cancer progression and treatment.

Sabaawy Laboratory

Led by Dr. Hatem Sabaawy, investigators at the Cancer Institute's zebrafish laboratory use zebrafish models to map the common genetic defects in cancer, identify new small molecules for targeted treatment, and predict each cancer patient's response to therapy in precision medicine trials. Among other applications, learn how zebrafish research is helping in the fight against prostate cancer

Bandera Research Program

Dr. Elisa V. Bandera is an epidemiologist at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and her research and training program focuses on the role of nutritional, hormonal, and other lifestyle factors play on cancer prevention and survival. She is also interested in early determinants of breast cancer risk.