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To obtain tissue through the Biospecimen Repository Service:

  1. Complete the Application for De-Identified Tissue and Data Use in IRB Approved Research
  2. Return the completed form to Diane Hanrahan (; 732-235-3511), administrator of the Honest Broker program. The form will then be reviewed by BRS in consultation with the PI, and it will be determined what tissue/data is available to meet the PI’s needs.
  3. The PI* should contact Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey’s Office of Human Research Services (OHRS) (contact: Celeste Depending on whether the PI requests tissue and/or tissue plus data, they will be given an appropriate “Protocol Template.” OHRS will then work with the PI to complete the Protocol, at which point OHRS will process the form and arrange for an accelerated administrative review by the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey’s Scientific Review Board (SRB).
  4. After SRB review, OHRS will work with the PI to submit the protocol and any added requirements to the IRB for what would be expected to be an expedited review.

* If the PI of the study is not a Rutgers University faculty member, then the PI would work with her/his Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Scientific Program leader to identify a collaborator that would become the PI on the SRB/IRB applications, as this is required.  The non-Rutgers PI would be a Co-PI on the SRB/IRB submission. Also, if the studies are to be done by a non-Rutgers PI, the IRB of the other academic institution must first give approval. For example, a Princeton University PI would be required to get approval of the study from the Princeton University IRB prior to submitting for Rutgers University IRB approval. The OHRS will work with the PI to facilitate this process.



Diane Hanrahan
Program Administrator
Phone: 732-235-3511  


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