Membership in the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network

The mission of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network is to offer the citizens of New Jersey better access to cancer-related information and treatment close to where they live. A team of dedicated network physicians provides individualized care utilizing their extraordinary knowledge and expertise to treat cancer right in their own communities.

The CINJ Network hospitals are working together to:

  •     Understand the factors that influence cancer outcomes in our patient populations.
  •     Improve the quality of cancer care received within our Network.
  •     Improve the quality of life of our patients and their loved ones.
  •     Overcome cancer health disparities due to race, geography, educational or socioeconomic status.
  •     Contribute to the development of new treatments and hasten their availability to patients within our communities.

As one of only 41 NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the nation, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and our Network hospitals are held to the nation’s toughest standards.  Patients receiving care at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey or one of our Network facilities have options only available at NCI-designated cancer center or its Network member institutions. Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network hospitals provide:

  • Timely cancer screening and treatment at an institution that must uphold the highest standards of the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer criteria for Cancer Programs. This requires a detailed on-site review every three years to maintain accreditation.
  • Access to the latest cancer prevention, early detection and treatment options through the Cancer Institute of New Jersey Oncology Group clinical research program.
  • Cancer care directed at healthy survivorship.  Together, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and its Network of hospitals is working on a variety of topics facing survivors, ranging from diet to sexuality.  We are also studying ways of treating cancer with the least side effects so that all cancer survivors are healthy and have a good quality of life.

Services Provided by Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey to Network Hospitals

  • Access to clinical research treatment, prevention and detection clinical trials, including those of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and National Cooperative Groups through the Cancer Institute of New Jersey Oncology Group (CINJOG).
  • Centralized clinical research administration and Institutional Review Board (IRB) review compliance, patient enrollment, data collection, and toxicity reporting.
  • Training of research nurses through courses that address cognitive as well as practical nursing needs.
  • Needs-specific assistance with development of clinical research programs, to include on-site education and consultation regarding clinical trial operations and quality assurance procedures, clinical trial nursing practice, data management , organization of Network Institution’s research office , protocol approval processes and regulatory processes.
  • Physician education through consistent on-site senior faculty representation on Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network member Cancer Committees, Grand Rounds and Tumor Boards.
  • Access to all Cancer Institute of New Jersey continuing nursing education programs (offered on-line, at the Cancer Institute and at Network hospitals in a variety of learning models).
  • Active participation in Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network task forces and clinical care consortiums.
  • Participation in Commission on Cancer testing of new cancer quality initiatives.
  • Access to all CME and other educational programs for physicians held at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
  • Per request, consultative services including strategic planning, medical, educational, research, marketing, administrative and clinical oncology issues regarding cancer patient care.
  • Password-protected access to the Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network Portal.

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