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Cooper Cancer Institute at Cooper University Hospital
Providing South Jersey Residents with Advanced Cancer Care
The moment you or a loved one are told you have cancer, your life changes forever.
Thankfully, advances in the early detection and treatment of cancer means more people are living with cancer than ever before. At the Cooper Cancer Institute, we believe that the moment you are diagnosed with cancer you become a cancer survivor.

Cooper Cancer Institute
Cooper Cancer Institute (CCI) a leading provider of cancer care and diagnosis in Southern New Jersey and beyond and is a proud academic affiliate of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Cooper Cancer Institute is committed to:

  • Providing superior cancer treatment, prevention, control and education
  • Fostering multidisciplinary coordination and collaboration in aspects of patient care
  • Providing patients with advanced screening, diagnostic and treatment tools to diagnose and treat cancer as early and as accurately as possible
  • Translating novel research findings into new therapeutic, diagnostic and/or preventive trials

Within the Cooper Cancer Institute (CCI), teams of physicians – medical oncologists, radiation oncologist and surgeons – work together to provide cancer patients with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available, access to groundbreaking cancer clinical trials and dynamic patient-physician relationships. A full complement of support services including genetic testing and counseling, nutrition and social work services, complementary medicine programs and behavioral medicine provide complete support for our patients.

Cooper Cancer Institute has been an academic affiliate of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ), a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, since 2003. Comprehensive Cancer Centers are leaders in cancer treatment, research, and education. As an academic affiliate of CINJ, Cooper physicians have access to the latest clinical trials and cutting-edge scientific advances for the treatment of all types of cancers and blood disorders. Cooper Cancer Institute is the only accredited American College of Surgeons Teaching Hospital Cancer Program in South Jersey.

Focused Condition-Specific Cancer Services
Cooper Cancer Institute focuses its patient care services around condition-specific programs. These core programs include:

  • Breast Cancer Center
  • Colorectal Cancer Center
  • Genitourinary Cancer Center
  • Gynecologic Cancer Center
  • Lung Cancer Center
  • Lymphoma & Leukemia Center
  • Skin Cancer Center
  • Neurologic Cancer Center

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care
Each of the CCI condition specific centers emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.
Through this approach, groups of health professionals meet to discuss all relevant treatment options and develop an individual treatment plan for each cancer patient. This collaboration allows the team to make decisions about the most appropriate treatment and supportive care for the patient, while taking into account the individual patient's preferences and circumstances. Patients benefit from this approach by having multiple specialists offer their varied perspectives on the best treatment plan customized for them.
Each multidisciplinary team is comprised of:

  • Medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Oncologic surgeons
  • Nurse coordinators
  • Specialized oncology nurses
  • Certified chemotherapy nurses
  • Oncology pharmacists and medical technicians
  • Dedicated social workers
  • Nutritionist with special cancer expertise
  • Other supportive personnel

Nurse Coordinators
Cancer is one of the most medically complex diseases to manage. Patients are often treated by more than one specialist, sometimes in different healthcare settings, over extended periods of time.  It can be especially challenging for newly diagnosed patients to understand and access the relevant treatment and support services necessary for comprehensive care.  It is understandable that patients may feel overwhelmed, unsupported and responsible for their own care coordination. To address these patient concerns, the CCI has eight nurse coordinators, each dedicated to a particular condition-specific program.

CCI nurse coordinators facilitate the continuity and quality of care for all newly diagnosed cancer patients. They work to address each patient’s individual needs, as well as the needs and concerns of the patient's family and caregivers. Cancer Nurse Coordinators also ensure the communication and coordination of care among the multidisciplinary team members and help patients access the supportive services they may nee

Support Services
Cancer can be more than a physical disease. It touches the deepest fears of patients and their families and has a great, immediate impact on all aspects of life (careers, relationships, finances, spirituality, etc.). For this reason, CCI provides many programs and services to lessen the burden of a cancer diagnosis. While each individual will have different needs, we encourage you to accept help when offered and to reach out for support.

CCI provides a full complement of supportive services to help each patient, as well as their family and caregivers. These include:

  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Social work services
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Complementary medicine therapies
  • Education programs
  • Support groups
  • Networking and survivorship events

For more information about the services offered by the Cooper Cancer Institute at Cooper University Hospital, please call 1-800-8-COOPER.