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Healthy Holiday Tips

It’s that time of year again, where the holiday ‘hustle and bustle’ kicks in. While taking care of shopping, cooking and celebrating, don’t forget to take care of YOU! Experts at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey share some tips on how to have a healthy holiday season.

Proud to be Rutgers

July 1, 2013 started a new chapter for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey as we became Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey! The day was marked with a special ceremony welcoming the Institute and other components of UMDNJ into Rutgers and was celebrated with some 'Scarlet Spirit' by Cancer Institute faculty and staff. 

Precision Medicine: Making it Personal

Having given $4 million to LIFE Center programs at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey through the years, the foundation named for LPGA veteran Val Skinner is now supporting precision medicine efforts at the Institute. 

Healthy Summer Eating

Summer is finally in full swing! What better way to enjoy the season than by hosting a barbeque. When planning your next barbeque, try to think of healthy food options.

Recognized for Research Excellence

Two world-renowned researchers at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey are being recognized by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing cancer research, as part of the inaugural class of fellows in the AACR Academy. 

Meet our Pharmacists

One of the hallmarks of a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center is the unique oncology expertise exhibited by its clinical team – including pharmacists. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey demonstrates this excellence by having four pharmacists with special board certification. 

Creating a Precision Paradigm

Investigators working on the precision medicine initiative at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey are embarking on a genomic analysis study which could illuminate more options in developing personalized and precise therapies for cancer patients. Through Next Generation Sequencing and data analysis of DNA in tissue samples, researchers aim to identify genomic changes in rare and poor prognosis cancers in order to better guide treatment. 

The Importance of Cancer Clinical Trials

Did you know that many of the therapies we have for cancer and other diseases are the result of clinical trials? Through cutting-edge research The Cancer Institute of New Jersey is uncovering new methods for treating cancer, but translating this information from ‘bench to bedside’ is impossible without the everyday heroes who volunteer to help our physician-scientists fulfill this mission. 

A Personalized Approach

With recent advancements in technology and biomedical informatics, a more personalized approach to prescribing cancer treatment and developing these therapies is preferred over “one-size-fits-all” methods. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey is engaged in cutting-edge research that is poised to change the way that molecular and genetic information is being used to diagnose and treat cancer – an initiative known as “precision medicine.” 

1,000...and Counting

Marking a major milestone in what has become a fast-growing standard of care in prostate cancer surgery, Urologic Oncology Chief Isaac Kim, MD, PhD, recently completed his 1,000th robotic prostatectomy at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The procedure, which allows a surgeon to control a set of robotic arms that hold tiny surgical instruments, was performed on a patient diagnosed with high-risk localized prostate cancer.

An Ounce of Prevention

Did you know that even if you adopt the healthiest of habits, there is still a risk for cancer development? Early detection is a key to minimizing cancer's impact on overall health, and it is the best way to maximize chances of being cured. Regular check-ups and cancer screening tests can help you maintain your health and assure a long and healthy life.

A New Pairing in Prostate Cancer Treatment

A vaccine could one day be among the effective therapies to treat prostate cancer. Mark Stein, MD and colleagues are examining a vaccine and hormone combination to see if there is any benefit to prostate cancer that is resistant to hormone treatment. They will compare these effects to those in patients who are receiving hormone therapy alone.

LIFE on the Links

A young woman hearing the words “you have breast cancer,” is devastating – but for a young woman to believe that she is too young to develop breast cancer is also a mistake. It is that latter mindset to which LPGA veteran Val Skinner has long rallied to bring attention through the annual LIFE (LPGA pros In the Fight to Eradicate breast cancer) Event that supports breast cancer initiatives at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Meet CINJ's Nurses 

When treatment nurse Joan Quagliata, RN, OCN, first started nursing school, she had no idea that she would soon be pursuing a career in oncology nursing.  It was her own diagnosis with cancer during that time and the skill and dedication from the nurses who cared for her that inspired her to choose that path. Twenty-five years later, she reflects on the “toughest job you will ever love.”

Pedaling Toward a Cure

After successful treatment at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey for stage four non-Hodgkin's lymphoma nearly 15 years ago, Scott Glickman started the Century for the Cure bicycle ride to say "thank you" to those involved in his recovery and to bring cancer awareness to his community. Since the first ride in 2005, Century for the Cure has resulted in more than $1 million to directly benefit CINJ.

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